There are 2 categories rubble dirt - 'dirt' and 'dirt patches'. None of either category can be stacked, dyed, or rotated. Each consists of just a scattering of pixels, making them not only hard to pick up, but nearly indistinguishable regardless of hue.

Dirt PatchEdit

Rubble dirt patches come in 2 types. Each only comes in hues 0 and 1175.

Hue 0 Hue 1175
Type 1 IMG-dod-0 IMG-dod-1175
Type 2 IMG-god-0 IMG-god-1175


Rubble dirt comes in 3 types. Each can come in 6 different hues.

Hue 0 Hue 993 Hue 994 Hue 995 Hue 996 Hue 1175
Type 1 IMG-ahl-0 IMG-ahl-993 IMG-ahl-994 IMG-ahl-995 IMG-ahl-996 IMG-ahl-1175
Type 2 IMG-iml-0 IMG-iml-993 IMG-iml-994 IMG-iml-995 IMG-iml-996 IMG-iml-1175
Type 3 IMG-zgl-0 IMG-zgl-993 IMG-zgl-994 IMG-zgl-995 IMG-zgl-996 IMG-zgl-1175