There are 4 types of rubble garbage, from a small scattering of garbage to a large pile of it. None of the garbage can be stacked, dyed, or rotated.

Hue 0 Hue 993 Hue 994 Hue 995 Hue 996 Hue 1175
Type 1 IMG-tig-0 IMG-tig-993 IMG-tig-994 IMG-tig-995 IMG-tig-996 IMG-tig-1175
Type 2 IMG-uig-0 IMG-uig-993 IMG-uig-994 IMG-uig-995 IMG-uig-996 IMG-uig-1175
Type 3 IMG-kig-0 IMG-kig-993 IMG-kig-994 IMG-kig-995 IMG-kig-996 IMG-kig-1175
Type 4 IMG-wig-0 IMG-wig-993 IMG-wig-994 IMG-wig-995 IMG-wig-996 IMG-wig-1175